Jonny Kelly, an animator based in London was this week’s Industry Friday seminar host. Below are the ‘nuggets of wisdom’ that he relayed to us.

13 Things I have learned over 35 years.


  1. Don’t get comfy;

-Grew up in Dublin drawing comics and went on to study graphic design, got into typography. NB Graphics, felt like he needed a challenge, went on to RCA to study motion graphics, which included making films.

Nexus-stop motion interactive design whereby each director has his or her own eclectic style. Exhibited at V&A museum on a collection of memories and the stories and process behind them.

He strongly believes in trying and challenging yourself within the process.

  1. It can look a bit shody as long as the idea is ‘strongish’

-Your not always going to be the best so commit yourself to the idea and the concept. Film all about procrastination. Procrastination film is all about doing something the most difficult way.

  1. Work with nice people. Choose a team you can become more than the sum of your parts. Dynamics within the team can change the outcome. Makeshapechange.com
  2. Think by doing

-Delegating can find you with nothing to do, the end result sometimes requires you to experiment. Trying stuff out.

  1. Lists are helpful, use sketchbooks to help collate research evidence, more important.


  1. A rat needs to run along a wall to escape.
  2. Constraints are good, practicality is good, things need to be considered. Chipotle advert created a big debate about building awareness on meat production.
  3. Don’t overthink it, sometimes you don’t have the time.
  4. Learn on the job, if your not learning your going backwards
  5. Copy a screengrab to your desktop.
  6. Terrify yourself; worked with George Clooney and Nicoholas Moss pottery.
  7. Slow down your brain. It’s hard to allow yourself to just think and rest your mind finding space to be able to think, you have to force yourself to think.
  8. Divide and Conquer. Big scary projects; break them up, try and stay curious.








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