Reflective Summary.

Project 2 Normaton Street.

Following the crit just before Christmas in relation to project 1, I didn’t know what to expect, but I took on all constructive feedback and had the notes in front of me when we were being briefed on designing for the band Normaton Street.

I tried to not let the idea of working with stretch fabric daunt me but instead focus on the great opportunity we were being given to design for a new music act.

I immediately got stuck into the research and just allowed myself to explore different design ideas, and really capture the style of the band.

I had a positive start to this project and my attendance, engagement etc was great but unfortunately my personal circumstances began to interfere with my course, and I had to start juggling full time work with uni. At first I thought it was going to be easy, but then it became tiring and stressful and my motivation in general was low. It was at this point I decided to switch my sketchbook from a paper one to a digital one; in previous tutorials Janet advised me to stick to my strengths and in the meanwhile balance on working on my weaknesses too.

It was after this that I picked up in completing my sketchbook and really worked on developing my designs. My original ideas developed further to combine more than one or two of the developed ideas. I really appreciated and understood this better with this project firstly, because I was trying to design something that I knew I could make, but to also fit in with the brief of using stretch fabrics.


When it came to the production of the garments my love of woven’s was on an all time high!! Cutting, sewing and even draping stretch was very difficult for me. I am still gaining the skill when it comes to handle and fluid fabrics. That being said I am actually quite happy with of what I have produced, considering it’s my first time working with stretch fabrics. I believe it fits in with the brief and both looks are cohesive to my research etc. It’s a culmination of the process that started in September with project 1 to now, the completion of the 2nd year.


My sense of design within the framework of fashion is growing daily, and this project has helped me to accept that I have a great love and passion for the process of pattern construction and sewing, however there is a big difference between passion and skill. Going forward in relation to designing my 3rd year collection I plan on following a set timetable so that I have the time to execute my ideas better and not under pressure.

Within the networking class for skill sets, we all looked at our various skills and rated ourselves honestly, this has brought me to address that my time management skills need improving. The pace at which this course moves is something I need to catch up with.


Both projects alongside the skills I have gained in the digital skill sets class, have helped me to form more of an identity as a fashion designer, and I believe that my ability to fuse conceptual thinking and relay it to an audience has really helped me across the course and not just in this unit.



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