Making It Personal.


Re-entering the world of fashion design has truly been so fun and refreshing for me. Working on the ‘Making It Personal Project’ has been the brief I have learnt the most from. In the beginning I wasn’t sure where my skills were placed in the context of the course and I think although I was hesitant at first I decided to jump into the deep end and crack on with making my garment directly from the stand.

I already had my idea of a modern day Venus walking the streets of Paris in her jacket. However even with those good intentions, I found a lot of obstacles further down the track as I hadn’t completed my research. This affected my fabric choice and even the finishing of the final garment, as my pace of work was missguided, heavily focused on perfecting my toiles.

From the many tutorials I had with Janet, it was clear that the way I had decided to display my sketchbook needed improving. Even after the formative assessment she suggested that I leave it as it is in order to show my progression and development within the unit with project 2.


Towards the end of this particular project I could see that my strengths were more in research, design ideas and conceptual thinking and not so much in pattern cutting or sewing. I chose the wrong fabric to make my first jacket in, and opted for a cotton twill instead. Although white in colour, it is befitting with my research which covers the scientific aspect of colour (White Light is made up of all the colours in the spectrum), also it allows the wearer to make it personal to them not just by adorning it with badges etc but using natural sustainable dyes to a colour of their choosing. In turn reducing the polluted water waste when it comes to mass production dying.

I really enjoyed this project and appreciated the journey of making mistakes to learn something new and improve. If I could make changes I would focus on expanding my fabric research and enhancing my sketchbook instead of just focussing on the toiles, also I would manage my time better in order to not sew my final garment under pressure, as silly mistakes are easily made.


I really appreciate the guidance of Janet and Cathy, especially when it came to toiling on the stand. They gave me the confidence to start and I’m glad I did, I may not be where I want to be in regards to my construction skills but I am working harder to improve.


Overall this unit was a great re-introduction to fashion design for me personally. I took my time to appreciate the process and not allow fear of the unknown to hinder me. I made a lot of mistakes but I have learnt a greater deal for making them. Having a project focussing on sustainability within the context of fashion, I am more aware of what I can do not just as a student but as I prepare to go into industry too.


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