This is my final A1 poster and the accompanying text, below that is a picture of our posters that we had placed around the university advertising our Exhibition

Creative Enterprise A1 poster for blog

As part of the last semester of level 5 our group-based project is all focussed on working at an inter-disciplinary level with Interior design students both spatial and architectural. As the brief mentions, both in fashion and interior design, we as designers are limited, restricted to the confines of the human body and also brick and mortar. However practical it may seem to design clothes that are wearable and functional furnishings or design layouts for the home, office or place of work, as a creative thinker and being, it is important and necessary to allow ones process to not be tested by these normal ‘everyday’ confines.

Entitled ‘Form, movement and the body’ fuse conceptual thinking and design ideas within the contexts of fashion and interior design that has not necessarily got a function that belongs to either side of both industrial fields. One example is that it could be a shirt as big as a playground that has absolutely intention of being worn whatsoever.

From a fashion perspective incorporating creative pattern cutting was core to the construction of this piece. We originally started out as two separate groups, however Beverly decided that joining us together as one would have a positive outcome. From my research I have looked at pattern cutting extraordinaire Shingo Sato. His ability to make simple garments come alive with the combination of mathematical logistics and creative fashion design is simply genius. I like the way he thinks simply because he looks at a basic design or garment and thinks to himself ‘how I can I make this look new or different’. A bodice can be transformed just through cutting the pattern in his insightful way.

Our final piece is something that really hasn’t got a specific use. The final decision is up to the user and its existence is validated by how the user decides to interact. You can sit in or out of it, stand beside it and enjoy its form or start a debate of whether it really has a use or necessity.

Overall throughout the many challenges we have faced within this project, the one thing that has enriched me as a designer is the, notion to always question something and see if it can be developed further to produce unique ideas and designs, not forgetting that it’s about the process and not always the outcome. I can see how this has and will be of great help and importance going forward into my third year and beyond.

Exhibition Posters.




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