Promote and Present.

The biggest part of this project that I was concerned about was the exhibition. As a creative course and students who wish to go into work within the contexts of our chosen degrees, putting on an exhibition is very daunting. It can’t be naff or ‘studenty’ It’s the opportunity to showcase your work and its one thing when you personally feel confident with what you have done and it’s a completely different thing when its not so.

Within set up of the exhibition I was responsible for refreshments. I was successful in sticking to the planned budget and making it look chic but not over-thought. In the end it came together quite well. The only difference was the space we were in required us to hang our piece from the ceiling rather than position it on the crafty stilts. I think this made more of an impact and enticed passers by .




It created more of a talking point for the audience and it was interesting to hear all the different points of view for what they thought it was.


Overall I think that in the end the project worked out. In all the challenges I think we all learnt something, I certainly did.

-Time management is something I used to be good at, but not anymore.

-Even when you have a lack of motivation, do all you can to try and find it before it’s too late.



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