Within the context of fashion, we are constantly looking at and are involved with the body. So when Garry asked us to draw the skeleton in front of us it was about developing our own style within the skills of drawing and illustration.



Looking very Tim Burton esque.

As well as doing this, we had to use different mediums including pencil, chalk and pastel. The idea was to draw what we could see from each of our positioning. I found that this was also applied to my Project 2-designing for the band Normaton Street. Just like my sketch of the skeleton; it had it’s own style and look different to what anyone else could or had drawn. The same for my menswear sketches and idea’s. Looking back at some of my classmates, my ideas were focussing on developing the bands style further but also incorporating their own identities.

Whilst we drew the bones of the human skeleton we were using ‘line’ to draw and with the other objects we focussed on shape. Its not easy to draw without using one or the other as they are intertwined, especially when it comes to drawing 3d items.


When it comes to my fashion illustrations and flat drawing, I’ll be honest and say that I have no confidence without using a template or vague guidelines. I’m not sure if it’s just a question of practice makes perfect or that I simply was not blessed with such a skill. I have planned it though that I will practice over the summer break and maybe attend a class or two and see how it goes.



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