As part of our unit ‘Professional Studio Practice Fashion Design’, our project brief requires us to look at how we can personalize what we are designing and producing. Upon reflecting on the brief I decided to personalize my work right from the very beginning and used a personal favourite historical reference as inspiration. This led me to my all time favourite painting by Sandro Botticelli and the ‘Birth Of Venus’

At first I was gung-ho on fusing both the Renaissance based painting with the glass artwork of Dale Chihuly and thought that the marbling textile technique would go well. Discussing these ideas in my weekly tutorials helped me to take a step back and refine the many ideas I had initiated, which allowed me to come up with more organic ideas and allow the process of research to inspire me along the way.

'Sandro Botticelli's 'The Birth Of Venus'

‘Sandro Botticelli’s ‘The Birth Of Venus’ Image Source.

Knowing that I was going to be using such an iconic painting from one of histories famous art movements, I was really excited, as I love the use of contextual study within fashion and art. I took another look, a deeper perspective of what the painting was relaying to what it meant to me, and I also looked at other opinions and reflected on those too. The beauty, attention to detail and the colour palette were some of the things that I noticed, but the subject towards Venus’s right was most poignant to me.

Even though Venus is the deity, the ‘attendant’ beside her is completely covered and dressed in fine clothing and is rushing to adorn the Goddess in a beautiful embroidered cloth. Further research and discussions with my tutor led me to rediscover the ‘Golden Perspective’. I remember back in school during art classes using what was coined as a ‘viewfinder’ but it wasn’t until I researched it again and applied that theory to this painting that I was able to decipher the artwork and it’s subjects in a whole new light.

Below are some videos that showcase the opinions and views of various art lovers based on ‘The Birth Of Venus’.


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