Fresh Fashion and Textile design graduates Emalda Mbulo and Suwilanji Katuka are founders of new brand ‘Aagust’. Having just finished the course that I am currently studying I was very eager to hear their experiences in setting up their own label.

A very brief and intimate seminar with the girls from Aaugust.

A very brief and intimate seminar with the girls from Aaugust.

Having worked for a slot to present at Africa Fashion Week London, they describe their brand as “a combination of two skills; tailoring and African based textile and print techniques like weaving, which create versatile clothing full of personality”, the exponential exposure from the show lead them to go on and win ‘Africa Fashion Week London Young designer of the year award’. This helped them secure an opportunity to exhibit at London Fashion Week. The coverage from both shows has opened new doors for them and helped set out a pathway for their new business. Getting a chance to view some of their pieces up close and personal was really great. Their aesthetic is strong and eclectic and really lends the ‘warrior’ theme well and appropriates it to both men and women. They discussed their influences, inspirations and even some of their setbacks too. Hearing this type of advice and honesty from two ladies who were once in my position and see them in the early stages of their business was really eye opening.


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